E-motion - Inner Child

Inside each and every one of us is a small child which may have experienced situations:

  • - Which it didn't know how to handle healthily
  • - Where it was hurt physically or emotionally
  • - Where it's physical or emotional needs weren't fulfilled
  • - When it was exposed to traumatic situations which it couldn't understand
  • - When it couldn't protect itself

And we carried this our inner child in us, it grew with us to adulthood and its wounds with it. These experiences can be covered or pushed into the background but they are still there and emerge whenever we are not so good. 

It is never too late for a happy childhood and a fulfilled, free adulthood!!!

Dorothe Trassl brings a newly outlined and for it's deep healing power unique 2,5 days long seminar E-motion - Inner child.

You have the opportunity to experience this seminar for the second time already in the Czech Republic, to start your inner child healing and free yourself from old patterns and traumas which have held you back and complicated your relationships.

The seminar takes place already 18.-20.11.2022 in Prague (Místo tance, Na Petřinách 82, Praha 6). Translation into Czech provided.

Discounted price of the seminar, 9100 Czech crowns, is valid until 15.10.2022.

Basic time schedule is: Friday 14:00-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 9:00-19:00.

The seminar is intended for everyone who wants to be healthy, happy, open to life and also for those who want to be the best possible parent for their kids.

During this deeply healing 2,5 days long seminar will an expert in healing traumas and body therapy, author of the unique E-motion concept, Dorothe Trassl, guide you through exceptional techniques focused on releasing developmental traumas which are stored deep in our body and nervous system.

You will find out why you abandoned your inner child in adulthood and settled in some role or ego fixation. You will understand why you don't feel emotions or act and create relationships based on certain patterns. You will experience a completely new way of healing, feeling happiness, freedom and fulfilled relationships. 

If you have ever felt:

  • - trapped and didn't know what to do
  • - longing for finding and experiencing fulfilled relationships
  • - the need to support your own body in releasing deep emotional blocks and traumas

... then this seminar offers you a physically gentle yet incredibly effective release of memories, emotions and neglect which have been stored deep in your body. The method is safe for everyone - of any age, any form and physical condition. 

What you may feel after the seminar:

  • Radical emotional and physical healing
  • Deep connection with your true self, abundance, creativity and passion
  • Deep affectionate connection with yourself and others. Your relationships will change for the good and you will experience deep fulfilment and joy.
  • Release of an emotional deprivation of which you didn't even know. You will never run on empty again!!!


    I have twice already experienced an indescribable weekend full of openness, healing, community and authenticity. It is so relieving to not feel ashamed of your emotions and be able to finally express them and let go of them in a safe environment. Not only from the mind but mainly from the body. It is a transformational experience for me which I am looking for each year again and again.

    Kateřina, 26 years old

    An absolvent of Emotional Trauma Release 2021, 2022 seminars

    I have experienced many traumatic situations in the past which I have "overcome" at the mind level. I didn't know that I am still carrying them with me... The message of the seminar is that every person can process them! Working with your body is both easy and effective.

    Through the tools that Dorothe brings you will get to know your body on a deeper level. The realisation about connecting body and emotions has uncovered areas which were not visible to me until now. Our body communicates with us all the time. I recommend the seminar to everyone who really wants to experience their emotions on a physical level. If you allow yourself to do that, the reward is indescribably freeing. And what is more beautiful than living in freedom and truth? 

    Peter, 41 years old

    An absolvent of the Prague and Bratislava seminars 2019-2022

    I have been working with my emotions for many years but at Dorothe's seminars I always find a new part of what my body holds somewhere inside. I got to an anger stored deep in my body which has affected my behaviour my whole life. I learned how to feel my body better and I use tools from the seminar in my daily life. 

    Jana, 53 years old

    An absolvent of the Prague and Bratislava seminars 2020-2022

    Benefits of the seminar:

    • It is oriented on deeply hidden and yet absolutely fundamental and life affecting childhood emotional deprivation and developmental traumas.
    • It clears the cellular memory of emotional, physical and mental childhood traumas, pain and emptiness.
    • Inner feeling of emptiness is transformed into love, joy and connection. You make up for the time when you felt unseen, not heard, unloved, without an armful to support you, without hands to guide you, protect you or take care of you the way you need it.
    • You will loosen up the armour you have built around your inner child to protect yourself from the unsafe world, lack of love or too much pain. You will connect in a healthy way with innocence, creativity and trust inside of you.
    • You will find out how gracefully you can support your healing through processes which include moving, shaking - neurogenic tremor, trembling and touching. 

    Do you want to participate in the seminar?